fredag 19 december 2014

Sadokist - Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns

After 4 demos, 1 split & 1 compilation the first full album is out !(got out this summer)
This Finnish band of demented warriors is waiting for your blood to be spilled!

This is a twister filled with an demons mutated with speedy old school thrash and sadistic black metal fingers!
From the get go you get hacked and smouldered by the both creative and venomous riffs and blasting hell-drums! Vocals spits and screams great and has just the ugliness and cockynes needed for this witch soup!
All this plus it has a kind of surrealistic occult level intertwined into it which makes (lyrics also) it last even longer. Not just a great blood pumping action but also intrigues one to dig deeper into it.

Its really engaging and is filled with nice musical ideas so no songs feels repetitive or samey, both like a yell from the dark past as it is a timeless punch in the gut!
When i heard it the first time i felt that this should be on my top list of the year (if i did one) and i feel the same now after many more moons with it!

If you like dirty fast devil music with great meat hooks this is it!

Production is as good as it needs and keeps the slimy and filthy rawness as well as it has a sweet fat wholness that helps the heads banging into the 7th day.

Its now out on tape via  BLACK GOAT TERRORIST 666 !

Cut it out from the twilight plane and get killed!

My pick out tracks are: 2,5,7

Track list:

1.Poisoned Souls
2.Cult Fire
3.Damnatio ad Bestias
4.Udar Ghul
5.Darkness Prayer
6.Dreaming of War

torsdag 18 december 2014

Arthedain - Arias Exalted

Here we have a very newly born band (2014) with one Ep "By The Light Of The Moon" released prior to this  Ep... i have not heard that one but regarding the short time in between them two i guess the style they play is the same. (USA/Germany)

What we get under these aprox 14-15 minutes is a dramatic both cold and bleeding assault of Nordic Black Metal, my mind wanders to the likes of mid-era Watain occultish atmosphere with blistering drums and sharp riffings that aims to shatter heavens hymen in a dissonant strike & also some bleak soul searching alá Flagellated Seraph.
It is a sound that is very 2010-14 which is no negative thing but it has potential to blossom into a more individual black burning flame...and the first and last tracks here show a strong will and power to convey both in engaging melodies and personal grief.
Song 2 & 3 is good too but i get most out of the above mentioned.

Production is also like what one can demand from this with a well balanced levels from all instruments, strong and hard hitting but also let details shimmer in the slower melancholic parts of some songs. Not raw but not over produced either.
Vocals is both harsh ghastings and some lower deathish growls that floats right into the rest of the mass! Some slower segments has a slight DSBM sound to them but only in the compositions not the tormented witch howls.
Just as well.

So to summarize this has some modern/traditional but strong songs on this Ep and they show potential but to really know how much i look forward to a full album to do the final judging!

That will be the important portal for them to pass.

Track list:
1.Through Immolation Sparked
2.Visions Of Fire
3.The Constant Void
4.Traverse The Path Of Thorns

Take a listen:

onsdag 17 december 2014

Black Cilice - Mysteries

I have heard some song here and some other song there in the past and it have teased my appetite for BLACK CILICE quite much! This is of course very "underground" in the sense that getting physical copies 
of his releases can be painfully i used some know "tube" to help me scratch my itch some.... and of course the music that is served here fits six feets under the mainstreams of regular BM also.

 This latest third album is now  released through Iron Bonehead so this will make things a little easier in getting the "real" thing!

For those who is not familiar with this band i can say that it is in many senses traditional second wave black metal but with a flair of getting extra hypnotic and trance inducing through its reverbing repeated ghoul riffings. Its both a lo-fi wall and at the same time melodies cuts out of the fog! And just when you thought "this is its sound" "he" throws in some up beat drumming bridges and takes of into another road without loosing its base nature. 
Vocals is used more like anther type of instrument in that it does not "sing" rather then howl in an dissonant echo that melts very nice into it all.
Its raw but has depth both in sound and feelings.

Many has said that Black Cilice music is hauntingly beautiful and somewhat elevating melancholic  its true here as well, it has also a sphere of distant horrors that encapsulates the whole album and leaves one with a feeling of old unrestful souls banging inside of the head.

This is surly some night time music for introverted thoughts and rituals. 
I like it but that i already knew i would hehe. 
Sure there is nothing "new" to be found here but its personal and powerful enough to warrant a purchase... and it has never been as easy to buy a BC release as now either so go get it and dip your ears into the mysteries!

Track list:

01 To Become
02 Into Morbid Trance
03 The Truth
04 Ceremonial Energy
05 A Prayer from Beyond
06 From the Long Forgotten Past 

tisdag 16 december 2014

Nuclear Anticristo - Unholy Weapons Against Humanity

Damn this is an morbid demo! hehe

After the satanic movie sample (should i know from which movie this is from? Probably
some Fulci or Argento flick) the guttural wall of buzzsaw meatcleavers
blast you in the chin! All the acid fluids burn your skin and leaves an un-animated
corpse with a nasty grin on its bony face!
This thrashy blackened death music is sure pumping up ones panzer-blood!

Sure this is no doubt a goat/war metal attack in their traditional murder style
which means that you either love it or not.... lucky for me i already has a thing
for this type of relentless hellhole vomiting.

There are 4 tracks here which is not so much but the band has enough of personality
and dirt under their fingernails to make a mark.

Production is works well with its over powering force, vocals, strings, drums etc
is there and they are doing the job as they should! No more no less.

Time to hunt down the bands other releases now.

No prisoners survived

PreEmptive Strike 0​.​1 - Pierce their Husk

Now to something completely different!

Those who also have a thing for dark electro/techno stuff should take notice here!

Odium Records (Black Altar,Crepusculum , Thy Flesh) has recently opened a sub-division
 called Sonic Hell Records which is focusing in on electronic music that is from the other side, this is their first release!

Besides the Odium connection here we have Niklas Kvarforth (is he cloned?) as
guest vocals....and it works quite well i say. Sure the main music style here
is not what i listen to so i cant comment on the quality of it but Niklas
vocals blends nicely into the whole "body" of black shimmering zeros & ones.

The thematic seems to be something in the vain of Starship Troopers 2,0
considering the cover art but i cant say for sure.
But from the musics multi-layered semi-agro ambience it would
fit the mould of a new Starship Trooper movie sound track, nothing wrong in that.

Be sure to hunt it down if you are into this style of digital creations or if you just feel
curious about its exotic futuristic war compositions.

This is released on a cd (with extra tracks) & a 7"

måndag 15 december 2014


Of all the stuff i have reviewed here this is a release
that is probably the one that is most correct to
label "Noise", but besides from my lack of "noise" experience
this one was not so hard to an experience due
to its dramatic nature.


I cant say if it has an "theme" or "story" but my reflections
of the "music" and the visuals on the cover and inside leads me to
think this is a really bad mindfuck! Like one is stuck in a void of
 guilt, prostitution, days in some  run down one is in the
core of someones psychosis and cant breath...and then some more guilt!
Thats a nice feeling i can assure you!


It has some kind of segments of real noisy electric overloads but
one can hear some voices whispering underneath it all...then there is some
calmer but colder i am not an expert in this field i cant comment on
the quality or non-quality of the technical part but for me it serves its purpose


All in all an uncomfortable tape which is exactly what its is supposed
to be... i guess. hehe


filth for the filth

fredag 12 december 2014

Vritrahn-Werwolf Demo 1

Here we have a new & very interesting project!
For those who hunger for more music in the raw fashion where Mr Werwolf is included here is the fix!

Vritrahn-Werwolf  !!!

A collaboration between Vritrahn (White Death) and Werwolf (Satanic Warmaster) have released their
first demo.

Track list:
1 - Blasphemies
2 - Burning Strife
3 - Darkness Inside
4 - Crux Satanae 

Out trough Astral Temple! *sold out*

Track taste: