lördag 6 februari 2016

Hekel Interview!

Welcome back to RAW WAR!
 Last time we spoke it was under the Gestalt banner, how have the time been since then? 

- Greetings, Dagon speaking.
 Correct, with Gestalte it was some time ago now. Things had been a bit stormy on the personal side... but i am in more neutral waters now

2. Ok, first question is the usual one but i have to ask how you geared up in 1994 and how the road was for you towards getting the first demo "Doodskou" out in 1997(98?) through One Thousand Days in Sodom Productions? How was the end of the 90´s in Netherlands? 

- Yes, Those were very different times. 
Me and Mictian at that time had both other bands those days, also did other bands together too, back then.... I started to write material for Hekel around 93/94... 
than it came to a halt for a short period...
and later in 94 i asked Mictian to do drums for this when it was still a project, he Joined, and it became a band. The drummer and me had similar ideas on Mysticism and Occultism, from these spiritual ways and ideas Hekel was formed. we tried keeping it personal and anonymous for very personal spiritual reasons(that worked quite a wile, the secret identity etc...) but gone to hell eventually in the late 90's... too many people were talking, the coming of the internet with all its crap etc... we could not stop it... and the rumors became worse between 2000 and 2006, later after De Dodenvaart was unleashed through Total Holocaust Records we made clear it was Me and Mictian, and a some session members. 

When our first demo was released in the 90's : Doodskou'' it was no problem keeping it all a secret. 
Hekel is still Me and Mictian now, and forever be so. And its also no secret who the session members are, it changes sometimes, all good friends of us. One can find it easily on the Net.

the end of the 90's... yeah changed a lot, crappy internet etc.... the destruction of underground tape-trading and zine's, those were the better days. One thousand days in Sodom was Mictians label, we released much our stuff on his his label tus also Hekel.

 3.Then what happened with the band for it to stay silent until 2006?!

- yes, we had quite a silence after 2006.. it was ok for us.... people could not grasp us. we did a one private concert though in 2006, for a deceased comrade... together with our comrades of Funeral winds and Weltbrand.

 4.The first full album "De dodenvaart" (2006) is sure a creepy, dark and good album, how was the work behind it? And who the fuck is creeping on the cover? 

The Dodenvaart was a concept album, Me , Mictian, and one of our session members wrote it down.... it followed up the 'Doodskou' cassette, as a Occult dark journey of dark-Heathen/Luciferian paths of enlightenment... with Germanic-heathen-shamanistic elements, the Rune's, Choas gnosticism, and local elements and hauntings of the local areas were Hekel was born... The front cover/piture is our drummer Mictian, the picture in side on the booklet is Me.

5.Can you shed som light on the stories/lyrics to these two songs: De eeuwige jachtvelden & Sater's Wederkeer ? 

- De eeuwige jacht velden' (Fields of The Eternal hunt)... is a song about the past being very much alive, but only not for everybody to see or sence. Its also about the betrayal of the common human worthless sheep. Its also about dark personal episodes etc... 
But its also about longing for a certain darkness thats not easely to see or find anymore... to find it once agian- the journey requires to lower and to destroy the false human ego. its about a personal Dark-Heathen/Luciferian path. And 'Sater's Wederkeer' (The Sator's Return), is about the return of The dark forces of Nature. These are both old songs, were re-recorded for the Dodenvaart, though De eeuwige jachtvelden originally came from an older promo, not the 'Doodskou' cassette

6.Then in 2010 Heidens Hart Records released the Rehearsal 2005 tape, was this tape never proper released in 2005? I think i saw some about Reissue of the demo “Doodskou” on CD? 

- The 2010 tape through Heidens Hart, was originally an old promo indeed, with re-recordings for the later Dodenvaart full length. We thought also to release these promo versions, limited, Heidens Hart wanted to do this for us back then. And it is correct, there is a re-release of our original ''Doodskou' cassette from the 90's now on cd...
still available on Heidens Hart.


7.I saw you played some live rituals recently in Under the Black Sun Festival! Great band line-up i say! 
How was it to play there? Did you get to see some band yourselves? 

- Yes, UTBS was a nice experience for us, We wernt really Used to the intense summer heat in middle Germany. the heat really fucked me up. 
but we had a great time, sometimes a bit chaotic, we played for quite a good crowd of fanatics. And bands we saw, Korgonthurus from Finland, nice to see them there, we also played with them with Gestalte in Finland, we saw Craft, Impaled nazarene, etc and much more

 8.Any Hekel t-shirt in the works? 

- There are still some limited Logo/Flame shirts to get from Hekel, through our FB official, or through Heidens Hart

9.And the big question i guess is: when can one hope to hear new music from Hekel? 

- We are working on new Hekel episodes... it can take a wile, but there is more new Hekel to come

10. Thanks for your answers! 
Last word is yours.


tisdag 26 januari 2016

Skygge - Antiqua Ignis

Last year this Norwegian one-man (Skyggemester) band Skygge released a second and last (?) full length album called "Antiqua Ignis" (means something like Ancient Flame) through the label Immortal Frost Production.

If this is the last of Skyggen then he stop at the top of his game as this album is  a powerful occult journey through the spheres of  death and transcendence beyond.
With hypnotic mid to fast riffing and abyssic drumming as a violent wall and superb ghastly  guest vocals by Adramelech (Svarthaueg ) the experience you find here is great! Sure it is not so much variations between the songs it does not matter much as they melt together nicely into a big black nekro ritual.

The sound and feeling here reminds me some of Hetroertzens album "Exaltation of Wisdom" which is not a bad thing.

It is quite a long album but nothing really drags out...rather you get dragged down into the void.

The production is a mix of spacy raw layers but all parts is at the same time very hearable. Effective in other words.

Track list:
1.     Antiqua Ignis     07:17      
2.     Apokalyptiske visjoner     06:50      
3.     Draconis Serpentis     04:44      
4.     Heks     06:26      
5.     Katakombe     04:52     
6.     Necro Attitude     05:32      
7.     Nocte Initium Imperium     05:29    
8.     Svarte vinger     06:36      
9.     Skyggen     04:55      
10.     Nocte Initium Imperium (Necro version)     05:45    

Total: 58:26

label contact:

måndag 18 januari 2016

Panzergod - Deathshrouds Bestowed

From the US of A this dämonischen Truppen - Panzergod - has been pestering the living world since 2002 and have 3 demos, 1 Ep and 2 full lengths under their belts...and the one i bleed for here is the sophomore album "Deathshrouds Bestowed"... well i got corrected, it is actually their 3rd album this! Damn Metallum info haha!

Some of the background the members here (Daemoniis Ad Noctum, Death Fetishist, Suspended by Hooks & SkullSplitter) reveal quite good what to expect from Panzergod and that is some thick misanthropic black metal stew that want you to choke on its raw meat more then anything!
Besides the obvious 2nd wave BM there is quite much obscure personal touches (inspiration can of course be found from their home country but also from Scandinavia) here with some well written compositions thats both somewhat depressing but also melodic without being zappy or anything, bleak yes but also has blistering attacks of aggression that grows nicely with repeated listenings.

Song 5 is a favorite with a muddy mid tempo ugliness intertwined with some great grand guitar parts and hard drumming. Quite long but its just for the better here.
Vocals through out is more or less in a raspy classic hateful style with some extra deep parts here & there for good measure. Besides this song i like every track & there is really no fillers only good satanic mayhem!

Production is just right with all instruments getting their spot in the black light and the negative stream is never strangled in anyway. Good flow

Good shit!

Released by Exile Music(k)
Band link:

Track list:

1.     Dominating Angels     05:07    
2.     Deathshrouds Bestowed     04:22    
3.     Scars of the Ultimate Downfal     03:44    
4.     Ejaculation Upon the Holy Light     06:11    
5.     Broken Pile of Flesh     07:12    
6.     Conjuring the Angles of Oblivion     05:52    
7.     Doctrine of the Fullmoon Hordes     05:44    
8.     Rites of Walpurgisnacht     08:18

Angels to some, demons to others.

Cloven Hoof #2 -Flyer 3-

Almost full line up now

Aguares Interview!

1. Greetings & welcome into my dungeon! So lets start with the basics! 
Whats the story behind you guys came together and started this bleak black metal band?
 I cant say i know much of the India BM scene besides a band here and there like Tetragrammacide so how is the BM climate over there you think?
And has the name Nagaland anything to do with the " नाग, nāga"?

-we started out just like the other bands,we shared the same taste of music so we decided to form a band and become immortal in the bm community And first of all we haven't heard that band "tetragrammacide" and about the bm scene in India is still not well stabilize,only some few bm bands have marched till now.

In the northeastern part of India there were a group of people with pierced ears and bare skin. Which was why the Burmese started calling them "Nakas" meaning people with pierced ears. That was most probably the reason why Nagaland actually came to be called as "Nagaland" now. The nagas are also known as Head hunters since we cut off the heads of the enemy warriors as a sign of victory during the ancestral era. 
Nagas are a group of people who migrated from China and Mongolia, which is why there can be a lot of similarities that can be seen in terms of culture, festival and language. 

2.When did you discover black metal and what band was it?

-it was some few years back around 2007-2008 when we started listening to bm stuff and the first bands which was a great influence to us are bands like the legendary bands "Mayhem" and at the same time "Gorgoroth"Darkthrone" etc,,,,

3.How did you come in contact with Wolfmond Production and what response did "Kingdom of Falsehood" got when it was released? Is there talk about some vinyl version perhaps? Did you release some self release demo or something before this?

-we came in touch with wolfmond production through our friend 'Marino Zucca'guitarist of "Thrymheym" from Italy and the response about our album was overall good ,great feedback from our Fans.

4. I saw some shit about some Ukraine band stealing your name etc, what was that really?

-set out browsing our songs on the search engine when this project with the same band title popped up on a free-hand website namely 'last.fm' leaving us curious while we downloaded the songs and encountered the copy version of our songs being displayed 'escape the tracks''chasm' and 'cold blue' etc.
The cause could be due to the misplacements in the layout or probably a fraudster messing around.
No issues however.

5. When we are on the subject is there some known rip-offs over there one should know and avoid?

-none to my knowledge,just the ukraine band being mentioned

6. Back to the album, i really like your riffings besides everything else so razorblade sharp, cold and hard hitting..almost groovy hehe! besides inspiration from 2nd wave black metal what other metal are you influenced by that can be heard in your music?

-thanks for the feedback we never thought that we will get this much attention from outside really appreciate it and about other genres we like to stick to our own stuff but of course we to listen to other genres but we don't add there stuff in our music

7. Whats your view on Satanism?

-Satanism is worshipping thyself, bringing forth our animalistic instincts,being individualistic and keeping prior to the understanding that you are your own god. Embracing and rejoicing our carnal existence,our imperfectness and choosing to stand for yourself,to be a tenacious & knowledgeable warrior holding an ultimate purpose to stay the fittest of all.

8. Can you tell about the lyrics to the songs "Revealing the Dreams " & "Kingdom of Falsehood"?

-the interpretation to the song 'Kingdom of Falsehood' being crystal clear and straight gives off a brief view of how Christianity and it's roots drives people into an abyss of false ideologies and concepts.How they are being brainwashed into seeking for the kingdom of the eternalness in their afterlifes. The instrumental track 'Revealing the dreams' having a mutual relation with the soundtrack 'Kingdom of falsehood' is the intro revealing the false dreams,fantasies and delusions plagued into the mindsets of people for a greater kingdom which is a full-fledged chimera

9. What are Aguares plans for 2016?

-currently we are working on our upcoming album with our new vocalist and we hope will create a new vibe in the bm scene

10. Thanks for your time, last word is yours!

-we are honored talking to you and being a part of your zine (RAW WAR)
to support and keep the scene alive!

Band link:


söndag 17 januari 2016

Weltschmerz - Odium Humani Generis

From the world-weariness in Netherlands comes this first full length from Weltschmerz, They started releasing stuff in 2009 with an Ep then in 2011 the pushed out a promo and a split and they also at some point appeared in some Compilation cd... and this very album finally was hatched in 2014 released by the trustworthy Immortal Frost Productions.

I have no direct experience on their previous creations besides i new they played some kind of black metal...and that was of course a correct hunch but what hit me was that these demons has a quite broad spectrum of inspiration which reflects clearly through out "Odium Humani Generis"!

Yes their fundamental basis is 2nd wave BM but i hear much more incorporated here like some pagan some heavy metal some post/avantgarde & some minor death riffs mixed into an unholy and very personal sound. Vocals are very articulate and sometimes almost talkative but with a nice raspy touch and it fits the music well.

First spin i felt it was a bit to sedate atmosphere (it is though mostly played in mid-speed or slower) to it all and the blasts and riffs did not came out like other stuff i like but the next spin i realized that it was much  fault to the production/mixing because it muffles and dries out much of the guitar and drums, so after that i could listen with a better ear i guess haha and the actual compositions that lingered in this  mix  got a bit clearer.

By all means this is well worth investigating as it is both enough creative and aggressive & dipped into Weltschmerz own special hot sauce.

Best songs for me is: 2, 6 & 8

Track list:
1.     Ab Æterno     05:30    
2.     Ending Your Life     03:14    
3.     None of Us Will See Heaven     05:52    
4.     Mysterium Iniquitatis     04:29    
5.     Homo Homini Lupus     05:43    
6.     Geschrei in der Nacht     05:50    
7.     Asmodeus     03:27    
8.     The Night Is My Domain     07:50    

Band link:

Label link:

söndag 3 januari 2016

Reffus - Eternal Misanthrope

Here is a new entity from England called Suffer....i mean Reffus (members from bands like Nahemia, Mørktår, Sykelig Englen) and they have here concocted an brew of traditional depressive black metal, nothing new here but it was surprisingly comfy to listen to... perhaps not what its supposed to be but i felt quite relaxed having it flowing through my head as i work on some cover artworks (last spin i was working on Idolatrys coming full length). Maybe there is something wrong with me (of course it is...) but if you are new to this DSBM genre this could get you down if that you where looking for.

That said i still think it validates as a negative art form as it incorporates much of the details this style has in its  open wounds and also they do it without irritate (as many of DSBM bands do with to childish silly cries and sulks and just terrible bad song writings) and bore you... yeah they have manage to compose some adequate dark songs with more of a mental (i point at you vocalist hehe) raw introverted aggro vibe rather then depressive and that (for me) can be signs of something that can bloom out to something special...the bleak future will tell.

Production is a mix of clean and raw and the actual music is a mix of semi slow and some faster bits, feels like a rugged mind thats being dragged down into the dark then pushed out then in again.

As of now this is only a digital self release but i hope some snatches it up and releases it on tape. (dont know why i am always wanting this type of music to be on tape but thats how i feel)

Track list:
1.     Death Sentence     07:54    
2.     Born Dead     02:15    
3.     Eternal Misanthrope     06:51    
4.     Thorns of Insignificancy     05:34    

Band link: