måndag 13 oktober 2014

Order of the Heretical Trident Festival - Information Inferno -

Here is another sick festival with Impiety at its sharp peak! This one will be based in Kolkata so you know whats your dark fate is if you live there or close!
Here is some words from the source!

"Order of the Heretical Trident Festival" is conceptualized to uphold and ignite the black flame of underground extreme metal sensibility, aesthetics and essence in most uncompromising and unapologetic way. Envisioned by Extremist Black Cult - Putrid Ascendancy, Kolkata, India; the concept of this festival is to provoke and create an impulse for extreme music and support the bands with original music that comes with a point of view, hatred and misanthropic visions. 

Kolkata being one of the current epicenters for quality Extreme Metal culture, seems like the one of the best places to organize Order of the Heretical Trident Festival! 

The first edition will have local demonic entities as well invaders to conjure up a vicious line up! Invading  India for the second time, are Barbarian Black Metal Hordes from SingaporeHell - Mighty Impiety who are acclaimed for their brand of barbaric and devastating Blackened Death Metal perversions. 
worldwide and one of the pioneering extreme metal artists to emerge from Asia beside Abhorer, Sabbat or Abigail and conquer the world underground. 

Second band on this line up, is South Asia's finest Death Thrash hordes - Orator. Musically following the bloodline of Merciless and the likes, lyrically centered into realms of tantra and liberation, Orator plays pulverizing Thrashened Death Metal. Now signed to Pulverized Records, Orator is releasing their second full length named One Mad Aghori, next year end.
Third band playing in this festival are Newest Sensation from Srilanka after Genocide Shrines, Recently signed to Invictus Prods &
Cyclopean Eye Productions, Serpents Athirst play Sudamerican style black metal, very crude and bestial. 

Fourth Band is from the city itself, Kolkata. Necrodeity (Kalikshetra Blood Sect), musically driven by velocity, chaos, aggression and lyrically devoted to nightside impurity and dark mother, Goddess Kali, plays speed death metal from the throne of husk, qliphas.

Fifth band to devastate is Thrash Metal battalion from kolkata, Armament, They play no bullshit straight up old school thrash metal, a cross between brazilian tradition and teutonic sensibilities. 

Sixth band is Thrash Death maniacs Deadbolt who are largely influenced by Possessed Sepultura, Sodom, Kreator, Bathory and Death. 

and last band is city's newest black metal psychopaths Grim of Catastrophia who play black metal in nidrosian tradition.
Putrid Ascendancy, the very first and most coveted extreme music cult of Kolkata, one of the largest metros of India, often hailed as Kvltkata for its new blood spawn of anti human metal revolution and propaganda (for bands like Necrodeity, Tetragrammacide, Banish, Kapalin, Goatpanzer, Chhinnamasta, Armament etc,) has been plotting against weak metal trends since 2010 end and have been conspiring against the false traditions to eradicate and crush under their spiked boot of death! 

Putrid Ascendancy will continue its black fucking crusade with Pictavian Necrolatry - A fest in December, featuring Pictavian Bastards - Manzer , Kalikshetra Death Hordes -Necrodeity, and Occult Death Metal act - Banish to be held on DEC 14.

Here is the link to it:


torsdag 9 oktober 2014

Nifelheim - Live in Stockholm 2012

Yeah this is a few years old but i have not posted these photos of this concert...dont ask me why! hehe
Anyway this gig was great as one can expect! It was held in Stockholm/Sweden in a place called Göta Källare on the 26 of april.

Open link in new tab & Click the picture for bigger size, Enjoy.

onsdag 8 oktober 2014

Banish the Posers Fest - 2014 - Evil info!

If you happen to live in or be going to Bangladesh in November don´t miss out on this holocaust that will be raging on stage at Russian Cultural Center of all places! 

Engulf these concrete words and directions from the direct source!

----Banish the Posers Fest is an annual underground extreme metal fest, organized by the extreme metal community, Primitive Invocation that has been responsible for organizing several extreme metal gigs since 2010. -----

The first edition of the fest was held on November 16, 2013 featuring both local and foreign acts like:
 Orator (Bangladesh), Nafarmaan (Bangladesh), Warhound (Bangladesh), Morbidity (Bangladesh), Lobotomy (Malaysia), Kathgor (Malaysia), Savage Deity (Thailand) and Purgation (India). 
Second edition is a follow up of the first edition and it consists of more lethal line-up as “Impiety”, the Goatfather of Asian extreme metal scene is to headline the fest. Full line up and other details of the fest has been given below:

IMPIETY (Black/Death/Thrash Metal, Singapore)
SERPENTS ATHIRST (Black Metal, Srilanka)
ORATOR (Old School Death/Thrash, Bangladesh)
NAFARMAAN (Black/Death, Bangladesh)
MORBIDITY (Old School Death Metal, Bangladesh)
ENMACHINED (Old School Thrash Metal, Bangladesh)
+ Guests

*Venue : Russian Cultural Center (RCC),Dhanmondi,Dhaka, Bangladesh
*Date : 7th November,2014 (Friday)
*Ticket : 550 TK (Pre-Sale),
*600 TK (At The Door)

Official Facebook Page of Primitive Invocation: https://www.facebook.com/primitiveinvocation
Live Report of Banish the Posers Fest, 2013 (previous edition):


tisdag 7 oktober 2014

Unholy Destruction Interview

Thanks for taking some time of your life to answer these questions!
Been to any nice Barbecue parties this summer?

- Nein. We prefer sausage that was slowly baked in an oven for 30 minutes. And we like to eat it alone in a dark room.

2.As i understand Unholy Destruction started its activities in 2012? Did you come from
other band constellations back then or is this your first "real" musical endeavors?

-What´s the deal with the »real«?
Sure we play in other bands, but our main focus is clearly Unholy Destruction, which consumes most of our time and space.

3.Your first release "Pentalogy I - Dark Castles Cry at Bjørnholmen" came out early this with
five original songs and two covers (Quintessence (Darkthrone cover)/Sleeping in My Piss (GG Allin cover) ).
The title of this release did intrigue me, is this inspired from some events from WW2? Spill the guts!

-We never heard of any birds playing a decisive role in WW2. This one is sitting on a cannon. We thought this was tremendous.

4.How did you come in contact with Schattenkult Produktionen who released this full length tape & how
where they to work with? And is there any plans of releasing this on cd or vinyl?

- Actually, only our drummer knows this Schattenkult guy. He’s the ambitious one in the band, always wanting to sign with labels, so he can buy some golden drumsticks. So yes, it’s been a wonderful working relation, even though we know that he has some horrible, horrible bands also. Our drummer plays in a band called Hundert Kilo Muskeln. We don’t plan to release this on CD or vinyl.

5.You describe the music to be a Unholy biocidal, booze-drinking pre-Black Metal genre. (explains the GG cover) It sure sounds like that also but was this type of direction a conscious move for you or did your lifestyle take you there by force?

- We decided to record the "Sleeping in my Piss" cover during a time of our lives where this song and its lyrics meant a lot to us (it still does). We knew it had to be either "Sleeping in my Piss" or "Anti-Social Masturbator", but we consciously chose the former one.

6.By booze i guess you mean all kind of alcohols but do you prefere any special beer brews? And do you settle with only booze as intoxicants?

-We’re mostly just high on life. Sometimes also shitfaced on life.

7.Have you or will you perform live? Do you know any bands in your neighborhood you could think of sharing a set list with?

- We probably won't perform live, as most people at metal concerts are homofags or hobbits.

8.Not that i have any specific dear feelings for France but please explain your anti-France "propaganda"? What started this? And i sure got a laugh out of the special price offer you had for this tape and shipping to
the potential buyers in France!

- They took our jobs. Now it’s personal. So it escalated a little bit. Our drummer lives close to the french border and is a professional commuter. He was working for a french nuclear company, but there were problems in the team. He punched a couple of dudes and they fired him.
These assholes!

9.By the way did you or some of you live in Germany before and then moved to Norway? What was the reasons for the move? To get further away from France?

- We moved to Bjørnholmen mainly for the place’s cool name and for strategical reasons we can’t disclose here. We’re professional commuters, so to speak... You’ll never really know where we are at the moment, and we like it that way. You can never get far enough from France, anyway.

10.So will there ba a Pentalogy II later this year or so? Or something else?

- Hey, give us a break, will you? This is hard work. We need to make sure to deliver only the very best material, as you’d expect from us. Also we’re very busy with business, family and jail sentences (our drummer is unavailable for the next 6 months for beating french people (for your information, 11 months is the maximum for this crime in germany(which means he’s already in jail (high security) since 4 months))))).

11. Time to end this interrogation now! You got the last word!

Thanx to you for taking the time for the interview and thanx to all fans and supporters worldwide (except France!), we wouldn’t be where we are without you. You know who you are!
Stay true.
Nihil Baxterandum, Ora et Labora!

söndag 5 oktober 2014

Putrid Christ - Queen of the Wolves

In the wait for the bands return (and to the album!) to surface here is a little review of their first Ep/demo offering "Queen of the Wolves". (Released by Death to Peace Productions)

When i got this cd i had not really heard anything from them so my first impression was of the nice cover art (by Dan´s Putrid Art) that got a faint vibe of a some gore/slam music but i know already it should be USBM... anyhow when i pressed play i was greeted with a traditional intro including chanting monks and heavy heart beats and some wolves howling so this was sure no slam-shit!

There is four tracks on it but the first and the last is a intro & outro so it is really only two songs here to speak about...But these two songs is pretty interesting due to a mix of inspirations that is not to often heard not exactly like this anyway. First there is a firm inspiration from the 90´s Nordic bands like Immortal  & Marduk with the speedy cold steel riffs and the storm blasting drums but the other inspiration is from early occult heavy metal that has a slower and more groovier sound... this could go very wrong trying to smash these sides together but these dudes manages it well i think. It feels somewhat unpredictable which is always a good thing.

Quite clean cut songs that with no real try to do anything deep in the satanic meaning even if all the "signs" is there but it dont bother me as an debut effort...If they have it in them it will blossom. Time will tell.
 The songs nice (un)fresh mix makes is the main reward here and one wonders how their new songs gonna evolve....or devolve...
Let the coming album "BURNING TEMPLES OF THE HOLY" be the judge of that.

Track list:

1.     Birth of the Queen (Intro)        
2.     Walls That Surround You        
3.     I Am Your Angel of Death        
4.     Death of the Queen (Outro)

Freezing Blood - Altar of Goat

Here we have the cd version (through Fallen Temple) of the demo tape (released on Putrid Cult) and it is
really a nice cd production with thick matted papers with good color prints and the art work & design (like the tape) is ancient, putrid and great!

First i got the feeling i was in for a blackened death metal ride but that was not exactly correct because i got hit in the face with a big chunk of morbid bestial madness! Sure the "blackened" is here as well is death a evident force but more so in the primitive style of Archgoat, Black Witchery etc.

These six hymns of  abyssic convulsions serves as a good firestarter for Freezing Blood!
Sure you have heard this stuff from many bands before but to create something original is not the purpose here, the sole meaning besides from making crushing attack  is to makes sure that you never forget the
death & chaos that awaits us all in and after the "end"!

The sound production is good and even if it has to wrestle with the war-noise it does not suffer, ugly riffs and  barbaric drums and the vocals is balanced well...But play it as loud as you can. Hehe Let your neighbors head explode!!

Best tracks for me is 3 & 4 but all of them really floats together as a goatish whole  to really pick them apart...
Next release from them will be more importent and i will by all means check it out...whenever that will be.

Track list:

1.     Altar of Goat         
2.     Baal         
3.     Decapitation of Archangels        
4.     Procession of Rotting Blood         
5.     Life for Abominable Darkness        
6.     Unrestrained Vision of the End

söndag 28 september 2014

When Prozac No Longer Helps Turkish Edition Video Interview

Love him or hate him...or love to hate him. Shinings front man Niklas Kvarforth did recently release his lyrics in a book called "When Prozac No Longer Helps" that also got surprisingly an Turkish translation.
For the curious ones here is a clip from when Niklas was on a book signing in Istanbul.