lördagen den 19:e april 2014

Itsemurha - Existence is Suffering

After i heard the 3-track debut demo "All my life for Satan" from last year i was sure this was a band to follow more closely. (for more info please read the interview with Mr Kadotus here on Raw War)

After enjoying the classy and tasteful cover i showed into my dusty tape deck and pierced the play button hard! And yes this follow up demo is a devastating return to the cold void!

I get a feeling of  Drowning the Light that has drifted in on a snowy Finish shore... a little"Through the Noose of Existance" mixed with "The Stone of Apathy" but at the same time a strong own personality and the production is not so raw as DTL, it has a more fat and dooming vibe looming over the drums and ice is running in the melodic guitar rifts as well the vocals is harrowing and melancholic.

Both harsh and depressive but at the same time engaging and makes you relisten to it many times.... and here is the only place that i can put in a little complaint. I want MORE songs Kadotus!! hehe...
Yeah i am guilty of the death sin "Greed".

So if you like to dip into a new pond of negativity this is a good place to dive into.

This limited tape (100 x) will also be released on cd (thanks!) so be sure to pic that up if you dont has the tape or get both.

Hard to pick a favorite track but if it has to be one the second song "The last time".

Track list:

1. Wraith of Sorrow
2. The Last Time
3. When Misanthropy
4. Vulture of Tragedies

torsdagen den 17:e april 2014

Moloch - Verwüstung

I had heard a song or two and was fairly sure i would like some of the tunes Moloch had concotted to this new album "Verwüstung" (Devastation).... and as i usually does with a band i am not very familiar with i do some background checks.... and i can say it felt quite a bit of a daunting task to get a firm overview on Moloch´s wholeness after seeing all the releases this one man band has created!!!
- 8 demos, 36 splits(!!!), 12 Albums, 10 Ep´s, 14 compilations, 7 boxed sets!!! 
Yeah as you understand there was no point to even try. then this review would be posted 2015 hehe

So i take this album fair and square as it is!

After the a bit overly long & very silent huming intro the album truly begins! 

And as i said earlier i was was fairly sure i would like Moloch mix of second wave black metal alá Burzum (Thanks is even given to Varg in the booklet) with a more grand epicness. It certainly cant be called a raw production with its large & deep sound picture but at the same time it is raw... in other words it sounds great and fitting Moloch modus operandi. All instruments compliment each other well and it is though somewhat  classic sounding a well composed achievement from start to finish. (i like the many subtle touches that is put inside the layers of the music also.)

The vocals also derives from the Burzum howling & complaining witch-style but it also wanders around to lower scales and even some clean parts, all flows nice together and creates a powerful attack in all its misanthropic glory. The cold winds of old times intertwines with modern emptiness and the longing for meaningfulness  is evident.

For me i would not classify this as suicidal depressive BM because it has a more constructive nature in its blood even if some parts feels bleak.

Well i like this very much even if i felt a little cheated by the "listen to it once then i always skip them" intro and outro´s. then if you fast forward the 9th track to about 20 minutes you´ll get a great Chopin symphony as a "hidden track".... well it is not so hidden when it is announced both on the backside and in the booklet. ;)

All in all i  recommended this record even if you know nothing about Moloch´s past releases and an extra plus to the design and artwork which is splendid ! Looks great!

My pick out songs would be: 3,6,7

Track list:

1.     Todesstille      instrumental
2.     Blutmond         
3.     Spiritueller Selbstmord         
4.     Negativität         
5.     Nur der Tod ist wirklich         
6.     Die Kälte der Ewigkeit         
7.     Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt         
8.     Verwüstung      instrumental   

44:24 min

lördagen den 12:e april 2014

Nadiwrath Interview!

1.Hails and greetings to Raw War! Thanks for taking time off for answering this interview. 

-Hails to you too, thanks for the interview. 
Semjaza from Nadiwrath here.

2.How are things going with the new Ep? 
Feeling satisfied? And when will we have the chance to buy it?  

- We feel really satisfied with the ep, since we released all the anger and hatred towards the cosmic nothingness that we had at that point of time. 

- You can order our ep any time via official facebook Nadiwrath page and other worthwhile 
black metal distros. 
The response has been great so far. 

3. Last time we heard your music was with the nasty split with Dodsferd, That one really wetted one's appetite. Whats the background to this splits creation?  

- The split with Dodsferd is something we were arranging for some time since their is an eternal brotherhood between the two bands. As for the background, we composed and recorded one new track and a glorious Deathspell Omega cover in my Sitra Ahra studios. 
Dodsferd recorded one new track and one cover too ,the results can be heard in the misanthropic bonds split. 

4. What was the feelings boiling around that got you to start Nadiwrath, when you already had great bands in action?  

- Nadiwrath created to glorify the ancient aura of true black metal without compromise.

5.Now when the second full lenght is in plans how long have you gotten with it? 
And has it a release date?  

- I am sure that we created a classic black metal album. 
We spawned an album fully influenced by the 90s Swedish, Norwegian and obviously Greek bm. 

6. Now whith almost 3 years between the last vile full length "Nihilistic Stench" and the coming one what would you say has transformed under this time in the core of Nadiwrath? 

- Nothing transformed, nothing changed, the core is of total demise and total destruction. 
The stream of everlasting chaos that influence unconsciously every living being, some know about the source, others ignore it but chaos cannot ignore.  

 Worship death!

7. I must say that one of my favorite songs is "The Last Days of the Parasitical Results of Humanity (Part 1)"! So much great compositions and deep feelings runs trough it and by that said one of course wonder if a part 2 is to look forward to on some new era? 
- Thank you, it is my favorite too, the reason why I joined the band was this track, due to the Burzum-ish aura that captured. We created the main themes of the second part and it sounds great too. 
Yes,there is a new era that rises, which is the era of Satan, as an old Greek band proclaims! 

8. Great cover art by the way on the new Ep! Who did it? 
Good move also to print a t-shirt with it!  

- S. from Ravencult did the cover,we are proud of it. 
We explained the concept behind it and he created this Qliphotic realm that we see at the cover, we really like the cover. 

9. How frequent is Nadiwrath playing live? 
And how does the plans look like now in 2014? 

- We play live only when we feel like playing, playing with no reason is something other bands do. 
We prefer concentrating on new songs and playing when we feel the urge to do it. 

10.All support and good luck with all.

- Support to you too.


onsdagen den 19:e mars 2014

Raw War Printed issue 2

The release of the second long awaited printed issue of Raw War is now very close at hand!

A list of all content plus all the exclusives will be updated under the coming week.

lördagen den 8:e mars 2014

Grue Interview!

The time to talk to the band Grue is now! 
With me i have  Barghast (vocals and guitar, ), and Ghast (drums and vocals)...Lets dig in.

 1. Hails! 
How are things and how did your live ceremony at Dusk in the 28 of february go? 

B: That Dusk show was fantastic! It was our first time there as Grue, although we'd both played there before in previous bands (Nachzehrer and Fresh Kill). Providence is a great town for heavy metal. 

2. As a newly born (2011) horde as Grue is how would you describe your first steps in the outside world felt and what if any kind of obstacles was first to tear down? 

B: When the band first started, the first thing everyone would say to us was either "when are you getting a bass player?" or "can I play bass for you guys?" I think the first real obstacle (after deciding that we were committed to remaining a two-piece) was figuring out how to write music that didn't just sound like a regular black metal band with the bass removed (instead of just turned all the way down, to drag up an old joke one more time). And for me, that also involved doing a lot of work on my guitar and amplifier set up, learning to play in a new tuning, things like that. 

G: As a new member of Grue I felt it necessary to put my mark on the sound and help elevate our music to another level. The first shows we played were met with strong support from true metalheads. Any obstacles that might have been there were quickly found not to be an issue. 

3. When your first release the split "Lo, the Curse of the World Cometh" with Word of Unmaking was manifested and spread out how was the reception? 

B: The reception was fairly positive, but unfortunately the tape ended up coming out at a time when the band was fairly inactive - the original drummer was very busy with other bands and personal stuff, and I was at a low point of motivation. When Ghast joined and we started writing new songs and re-arranging the old ones, the situation was a bit strange because the only recording we had was with a different drummer, with different song arrangements from the way we were playing by then. 

4. How would you describe your lyrical content & occult directions and how would you describe the energy that Grue eminates? 

B: To be honest: we are not practitioners of the occult, nor do we worship Satan (or any other spirits or dogmas). My lyrical inspiration is a mix of personal experience ("Ascending the Necrolith" is basically auto-biographical), science fiction and fantasy literature ("Across Black Seas of Infinity" is directly based on the opening sentence of "The Call of Cthulhu" by H.P. Lovecraft), or a mix of both ("They Who Walk Behind the Skies" comes from short stories by J.G. Ballard and William Gibson, as well as my own experiences working at a needle exchange and as an overdose prevention counselor). 

G: As Barghast has pointed out we do not worship or follow and doctrine or dogma, the real energy and power comes from within. As musicians, we tap into this energy in the form of live music and actively crafting new things to represent who we are as a black metal entity. 
Our lyrical focus is on observations of life and analogies that we draw from that. The works of H.P. Lovecraft resonate strongly with me as well. 

5. Last year your first full length album "Casualty of the Psychic Wars" was released. This powerfull entity i guess one can be seen as the real first corner stone in Grues existence but how you feel yourself of it? Did you reach your goals you set out with it, etc? 

B: It took a long time for us to finish "Casualty of the Psychic Wars," because as we were working on it we had to figure out how we wanted to sound as a recorded band. With the tape demo I had just tried to capture what we were doing live but on this album we paid a lot more attention to things like vocals and backup vocals, drum sounds, arranging and layering the guitars, and so on. 
I'm very proud of the way it turned out, but I'm also looking forward to working on future recordings much more quickly and efficiently now that we have a better idea of what we're trying to do. 

G: I am very proud of our first full length. I also agree that it is our first corner stone given that we are writing and producing music at a good rate. The goal with the record was to establish a new platform for the band and make a statement of what we are as a black metal band; I feel we accomplished that despite the amount of time it took to release. 

6. What would you say is the most inspirational experience you receive from our modern society and what drives Grue to thrive the most? 

B: If modern society inspires me at all, it's mostly in a negative sense: for all of humanity's illusions of progress, our history has been built on cruelty, injustice, degradation, and waste. 
As someone who was born into a white male skin in North America I'm fortunate enough to suffer less than many others, but I suppose you could call this general pessimism (and sometimes shame, anger, disgust) about the human race "inspirational" for Grue's music. 

G: I have a general disgust and loathing of modern society. Living in a populated area further propels these influences and Grue is a way to combat these feeling that I have and channel that into a more constructive form of art. The two of us share similar thoughts on current day living are able to raise our sound as a weapon of bitterness. What drives us to thrive is the satisfaction of creating an art form that helps us and the listener cope with these sorts of things. 

7. How does your concert plannings look like for the coming spring and summer? 

B: Right now we have a run of shows planned from now until mid-summer, in the New England and New York area. I'm really happy that I was able to work with Chasse Galerie to bring them down from Quebec for a couple of shows with us (in Boston and New York City). 

8.Is there some hordes in your surroundings that you respect? 

B: There are a bunch of great metal bands in New England these days. If you haven't already, check out Bog of the Infidel, One Master, Morgirion, Haxen, Sangus, Morne, Obsidian Tongue, I could go on… 

G: I would add PanzerBastard and Blessed Offal. These are 2 bands that have been around for some years in the Boston scene and have earned my respect as die hard individuals. Morne deserves another mention too, they are a monumental force and they are highly recommended. 

9. Is some kind of tasty Grue merchandise on its way this year? 

G: We do have some new merch items in the works. I would like to do another dual sided shirt design with an image of us performing since we are very much a live band. I will add that all of our shirt and patch designs are rendered and printed by us. If you have a Grue shirt or patch then it was hand drawn and printed by the two members of Grue exclusively. 
This DIY approach to our products makes what you get from us more genuine. 

10. What is your most imminent actions for the band now? 

B: We're going to be recording four songs in the next couple of weeks. 
One of them will be going on a cassette compilation of New England metal bands, and we'll also be working on putting out an EP on cassette and/or vinyl hopefully. 
This recording will be all new songs, plus a cover of "Rake" by Townes Van Zandt (an American songwriter who wrote some of the bleakest, darkest songs in country music). Playing covers isn't something we'd normally do, but we've been making an exception for this song. Further in the future, we're eventually planning on re-recording some of the songs from our cassette demo as well, since they've taken on new shapes with our current lineup. 

G: Inspiration for us has yet to be a lacking force. 
The goal is to keep writing and recording new (and the last of the old) material and bring our live ritual to as many places as we can. 
We will eventually write another epic that will more than likely go well beyond the 10 minute mark.

11. Thanks for your time & best of luck!

tisdagen den 11:e februari 2014

Evilforces Interview!

Hails and welcome to the endless cave of Raw War! 

1.As I understand you are a pretty fresh band? For how long have you existed in this manifestation and how and why you people hook up and created Evilforces? 

-First of all Thanks a lot for the support and interest in Evilforces. Well yes, we are a very fresh band. I used to have other BM project but we (the other members and I) decided to go in separate ways. 
I started to write the album in July 2013 and so I create Evilforces in October. Nestor Avalos plays the bass and he joins now in 2014.

2. Where is your stronghold located and how is your local "scene"?

- León, Guanajuato, México is the location. 
Local Scene? I think there are a very good bands but they need to take the music business seriously. 

3. Your musical inspirations as you mention on your FB page is Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Gorgoroth (old), Emperor, besides all this great golden artists is there some current new hords that you support and respect?  

- Yes of course, there’s a lot of very good projects nowdays who keep the early Norwegian essence alive, first to came to my mind are Dødsfall, Krypt, Omegathrum Moon, Djevelkult, Pagan Hellfire, Moonkult…… There’s a lot of fresh new killer bands all around the world.

4. Lets talk about the coming album "Pest Plagues & Storms", by the title one can get a grasp of its taste of boiling blood I guess but please describe its internal themes and what pushed you in this direction of lyrics?

- Just like the title of the album says, the lyrics are about Pest, Malevolent Forces, Rage, Plagues, blood of course there will be blood, also I were inspired by possessions, violent activity from poltergeists and stuff you know, so I decided to take the whole thing to the lyric themes in this album. 
In fact in the top of the logo you can see this Pazuzu’s head, a demon that brings all this illness.  

5. Is there a catharsis reward through your music for you or is it more like digging your soul deeper down the spiral?

- Of course there’s a reward in every single part of every single song, and well, as I told you before the lyrics are about Evil, Hate and Anger Future is uncertain, I don’t know about what I’m going to talk in the next albums but for now I’m not hailing nobody.

6.Besides the full album is there some plans or talk about making some split with someone?    

- I had not thought about making a split but if any band interested has the same goals as Evilforces why not, we could consider a split album.

7. Can you describe Pazuzu’s background a bit more? And besides this beast is there other ones that also could work for your purposes? ...And i think it was the Pazuzu who was inside the possessed girl in the movie "The Exorcist" also...   

- A short info about Pazuzu it’s that he was the King of the Demons of the Wind, and son of the God Hanbi a God of Whom very little is known, aside from the fact that He is Pazuzu’s father. Pazuzu, the Assyrian Demon also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and pest. 
Ok this is the main info around the net but you may find some other information which claim contrary in particular that Pazuzu was respected as a God. 
Of course, in the other songs we talk about Lilith & Lamaštu, another two main summerian demonesses, and yes, Pazuzu was that demon of this Legendary movie. 

8. When one like me that lives in little Sweden thinks of living in a place like México one would have the impression that "street violence" etc would be a quite common everyday experience... Is that impression half truth or only a one sided "media projection"?

- Half truth, there’s violence all around the world nowdays. I think it depends in the city where you live, there will always be less safe than other places in every country.

9.Who made your bandlogo and the other visual representation?

- The primary idea of the logo was made by Luciferium War Graphics and then I made some arrangements. 

The Art Illustration was made by our bassist Nestor Avalos

and the person who appears in black with makeup and this black robe is Denisse Juárez, a very close friend of mine.

10. On which record label will your album be released on and when?   

- Well just like you said in the beginning, we are a fresh new band so we haven’t a record deal yet. 

11. Right now what is Evilforces most immediate plans? 

- Find a label to debut our first album and probably consider making a VideoClip for the song “Destroyer’s Pest”.