onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Extirpation Interview!

So how´s Basque Country today?

-Hails! all fine here, playing brutal music in room of rehearsal and drinking any beers with friends in summer fests!!!

2.From what i understand this year 2014 marks your 14th year as active?
When you started this band what was your vision of how Extirpation would
be like & has it change under the years until now?

-Extirpation started making Bestial Satanic Black / Noise in two first demos.
I never intend to sell this material, just did some demos for me and some friends.
My fist album was released to 500 copies in IKP, i,m not wanted professional sound on it because I personally think that the underground music is not necessary have one professional production, the most important is have one good message for say. Extirpation is not only music is attitude and a way of life.

My attitude is the same from first in all my projects and never will change, never seek to be fame or be a rock star fag. Fuck Off & Die poser bastard!!!!

3.When your first full album came out "Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis"
how was it received and did it turn out like you intended? 
Damn great cover art also i might ad!

-The first album was well received by the most extreme metal maniacs, promo was good and any reviews also. Actually i changed Extirpation sound and now is much more blast, brutal and extreme than before!!!
Extirpation is not music for masses, i hate all fashion and tags in extreme metal and i support all general underground.
4.And can you tell something about the song "Delightful Aberration Lead You Into Paradise Timeless Chaos "?  The title is very interesting...
-Thanks for your words.
Actually I,m using only my idiome basque in all lyrics, first album have all English lyrics except one.
My ancient pagan basque traditions have much influence about my lyrics. As Luciferism, occultism, war, kaos and total annihilation of Catholicism, Christianity and Islam specially here in Euskal Herria.

5.As your obvious musical inspiration is from older classical bands like Sarcofago, Corpse Molestation, Old Cannibal Corpse,Mortician, Sadistik Exekution etc. 
Is there some "new" bands that get your blood pumping?
-yeah, i like all underground old school especially first Demos 90 brutal death,black,thrash,gore,death,
grind,noise ...
maybe actually i can like any new Death/Black project or band whenever sound dark, chaotic and decadent.

6.How was it to work on the two splits that got out 2012 "At War" (/Wargoatcult) & the
2013 "Gudukatu Edo Hil!!!!" (/Aldare)? And is there some new split in the plans?
- I,m total proud of my work in these splits. Both Splits are brutal,extreme and less compromises.
yeah, i,m working actually in one new split with basque old school death metal project Izate.
7.What was the troubles with Skullcrushed and Nocturnal Damnation? Sounded pretty serious! 
- Extirpation worked with Jae-Ho Han and his south Korean label Infernal Kaos productions in past, we speak for make any project Death/black and i accept but only for any demo in beginning. I recorded shortly after in my study here in Basque Country all music (5 tracks) of album Crucifixion, desecration, perversion of Nocturnal Damnation (Drums,bass,guitars,effects) and later he sent me track vocals for mix and mastering stuff. I had lots of problems with this recording in my study, especially with vocals.
Later of my nefarious experience with Nocturnal Damnation i recommend publicly not make any kind of deal with that person in internet.
Skullcrushed actually don,t have none interest in Jae-Ho Han & Nocturnal Damnation.

8.Last year the second full album "Askazigo (Izena Duenak Izana Du)" was released! Released again on Infernal Kaos Productions! How was the studio time this time around? From what i have heard it sounds splendid!
As i dont know shit of your language (i wish i did though!) please tell me some about
the opening track "Gaitz Eman Det, Artu Ere Badet "?

- Thanks, the study time was totally cool! I not remember how many whisky bottles i drank in those days heheh..."Gaitz eman det, artu ere badet" mean - what goes around comes around!!!
9.Your lates Ep "Euzkalerrikolur Ganian Zutunik" was out earlier this year (great cover AGAIN!)
but this time through the label Matxinada Dizkak(or did it change name only?)...why the change?

-I,m working actually with basque label Matxinada Dizkak for CD and with Black Goat Terrorist 666 from Ecuador for tape.
My new editions of Extirpation are totally limited and hand numbered because i,m not desire market Extirpation overly. Anyway people interested in my stuff can contact me here - vomitgod6969@gmail.com

10.So what is your immediate plans now? 
Live gigs?
- Very soon i will start to record my third Extirpation complete album.
I,m looking for one new drummer and maybe we will make some cool concerts here in my area with Extirpation, Aldare,Deathcraft or Decrepit Artery!!!
keep open the eyes.

11. Thanks for answering this little interview!
- Thanks to you for underground support.

Hails to all friends support to Extirpation!!!

Support brutal music, Fuck stupid internet posers.
Band Contact - vomitgod6969@gmail.com

Flaming Infernal hails to you!!

tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Drohtnung - Suicide Sessions

If you are new to this band dont shy away from its own tag "Depressive Black Noise" if you think it will be only crazy noise or to weird & hard to get into...
well it is not for all ears but rightly so but Drohtnungs music HAS song structures (sure it is bloody raw) sometimes one has to concentrate a little extra but that in itself serves as a good thing because once you start grabbing after "tune-tales" it will suck you in!

The darkness that you will find yourself in is both melancholic and beautiful, the crystallization results (the actual completed songs) gives off a more levitating feeling rather then drowning & depressive, maybe created out from depression but the result is like shimmering black shards....coated with massive buzzing & growling guitars and distant howls and screams.

...Feels like an acceptance towards the unavoidable end of once life.

Hard to really choose song pics when it feels like one journey but these are great highlights : "The ghost of Harvest" (second version) & "His Mutilated speech"(second version) & "Coma Soul"

This very release is a double cd version with alternative song takes and two extra songs on CD 2, such things can be quite useless & boring but when i heard the extra disc it dawned on me that this was a very great thing and it was not hard to understand why they did it. Slightly more upbeat vibe also...maybe the wrong word to use in this context though...

This release is as any a good start to start listen to Australias very own Drohtnung.
Always a plus for the artwork! Very fitting and unique.

Track list:
1.The Ghost of Harvest
3.The Body Rots
4.His Mutilated Speech

1.His Mutilated Speech
3.The Ghost of Harvest (instrumental)
4. Coma Soul
5. Mortal Ideal

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Ghast Interview!

1.Greetings to the RAW WAR crypt! 
And congrats to the (out right now!) album release! 

- Kz: Thanks Jan! 
Myrggh - Thanks for your interest!

 2.How would you describe the road from the last release "Club Bearer" in 2011 up until now? 
Has this new record "Dread Doom Ruin" been under constant gnawing and carving or has it been other stuff taking up your awaken time? 

Myrggh - Ha! 'Gnawing' - yes the songs have certainly gnawed at us. It's as if they gradually poison you until you can get them out in some sort of definitive way. But other than that we've all been busy with various things. As you get older, your life gets fuller.

Arr - DDR was recorded in August 2012 and nothing new has been written since. Between Club Bearer and the album was a fairly daunting time. We had an album to put together and wanted it to be worthy of the the first. Back in 2008, the songs for MTCB had written for a long time and we didn't really anticipate doing an album, but when the offer came it was pretty much already there. DDR was much different; we were aware of having to live up to the idea of something and at times it wasn't easy. 
Next came the trials of preparing it for release. 
It's been a long road...but hearing and seeing it properly for the first time yesterday makes it worthwhile.

3.From Souldust till Ghast seems logical somehow, from dust to a slightly more manifested form like a Ghast. But do you consider Souldust to be a separate band or the same? 

Kz - There's a handful of tracks that we played under both names, Wasted Scapes, Give Your Wrists.. However the Ghast stuff was immediately crueler.

Myrggh - I consider Ghast the same band, but a step up. Maybe a slight re-focusing. Bleaker.  

Arr- It was the early stages of Ghast. We changed the name a while after the sound of MTCB began to take shape. 

4.Only one split (in 2007 with Helvete(Singapore) ), maybe splits is nothing that is always easy to do regarding finding a suitable band to share it with...or is there some in the plans? 

Kz- As a listener and music fan I enjoy splits. We have no plans to do another split, I wouldn't rule it out but I can't imagine it happening again.

Arr- There were other splits in the pipeline, but we are incredibly unproductive. It's possible that the Club Bearer stuff was supposed to be for a split, but my memory fails me. 

Myrggh - Only bands with loads of material tend to release splits. As ever with Ghast there are no plans, but you never know. No master plan - only whatever we must do at the time. 

5.Please tell something about the musical transformations you gone through. As to the problems (& rewards) in composing "long" songs, as i understand your longest track is "Terrible Cemetery " on the Ep "Terrible Cemetery " that tics in on twenty minutes and twenty seven seconds.Does alcohol help or other "stuff"? hehe 

Arr: It's natural for Ghast. Personally, sitting there playing about on a guitar, it only seems normal to explore the variations that come from a simple riff. Stick 'em together and there will become apparent a feeling for when it should end. Terrible Cemetery was unusual for us in that it was built over a long time. 
I may be wrong, but I believe Myrggh, half-joking, came out with the intro riff when we were standing there, uninspired and that we played it whenever we had nothing to work on. It was our fallback piece of music and gradually took up more of our time as we came to enjoy it, adding and progressing parts until it consumed us and became what it is. 
We were playing it for many months; we were sick of it and recording it so we never had to play it again was bliss! It's not usually like that at all.

Kz- We said "never again" after Terrible Cemetery. It took up such a large space in our rehearsal time that it added up to yet another delay in getting Dread Doom Ruin together. 

Myrggh - I don't know what possessed us to write Terrible Cemetery. It was torturous to play and until the day we recorded it, I was disgusted at myself for coming up with that harrowing ponderous bass line that set us up for twenty-odd minutes of abject gloom. As far as playing it goes, nothing helps, and we have always refused requests to play it live. I do enjoy listening to it though.   

6.Todestrieb Records seems to be a good place to stay! 
Have you been in past involved with other labels that... fuck things up? 

Myrggh - Todestrieb has been loyal beyond our expectations and has been really helpful in finally getting this album off the ground. They also have the best logo I have ever seen for a record label. I can't say I've ever had reason to complain about any record label.

Kz- Todestrieb have stuck by us since 2007, no matter how awkward we might have been.  

7.I must say that your "single" -Club Bearer- is probably the longest single in history hehe! (33:03 min) That damn Ghast weilding the club is creepy! Simple but evil! hehe Did you release it yourselves? On cd only?

Kz-Yes, Club Bearer was a self-release. Limited to 100 copies.

Arr: Our shortest song is on that one! I was stumped with a cover idea for that and so took it literally. In danger of being a mascot, that thing, so I made sure the new one had no ghosts. 

 8.Have played live this year or was the last time at the Festival of Serpents? 
How did that go by the way? 

Myrggh - The last live appearance was at Live Evil. We enjoyed it and it seemed to be appreciated.

Arr: The last one was LiveEvil. I couldn't hear what was happening and all was confusion, but It was good! Quite a few decent bands played on that day and 'twas a fucken great opportunity for us.
 9.So now after the fresh record birth is there a full schedule for the rest on this doomed year? 

Myrggh - Now that the album is out, we have all returned to our respective caves and will only stir again when we see fit. 

10.Thanks for your time for this!

 Kz: Beers!

torsdag 14 augusti 2014

Pestnebel Interview!

1.Big hails! How does the work go on the coming album "Nachtwelten"? This will be your sixth album if i am not wrong how do you feel this journey have been from the creative start to the mixing final? 

It is not unusual for some artists to get tired of the music at the end of this type of work experience and cant listen to the songs for a while after, do you have similar feelings at the end of an album or does the recordings etc go enough fast to still feel at ease with all? 

- Hails to thee...yes it is the 6th album, and it just got ready, we did 3 different mixes,and finally we are all satisfied with it in the band! Well of course when you listen to the same songs again and again you might get tired of them, but right now I´m listening to the final mix, and I´m really happy with it, Skjeld did a fantastic job!!! I hope the people who buy this album then (we are still looking for a label at the moment) will feel the same....in my opinion „Nachtwelten“ will be by far our best album!!! 
It still is raw but powerful, and more atmospheric then „Necro“....definitely again a step forward for the band!

2. The cover art looked stunning, done by seventh bell artworks. How did you come in contact with him and did the work-dialouge go smoothly?

- Well I found his page at facebook and I really liked his artwork, and when I saw that one called „Dark Mother“ to me it was clear, this should be the cover for „Nachtwelten“, it just fits fucking perfect!!! So I contacted him, everything went smooth, and some days later it was officially our Cover painting!!! I really like his style of drawing!!!

3. .I read your interview in Bylec-Tum Magazine #14 (2007), the last release you talked about there was the re release of the first two albums as a DLP...
so take it from there and ask about the "Reich der Schatten" album. This was released three years after the re release and 4 years after the second album. How was this third album to make and was there any specific reason for the amount of time that passed from the last release?

 - Well it took quite a while to get the album ready (most parts had been reorded already 2005), then we had some delay from the label´s side....still back then everything was ok, BRH did a good job, but then after some time he fucked up, didnt answer our mails anymore...
we already had recorded our 4th album, had signed a contract, but then he did not release it, and even wanted back the money he gave us for the studio...so it was not released before 2014, when Black Saw Records finally could realize to unleash the CD.
...it also took him some time as Bloodred Horizon wanted money from him...well about „Reich der Schatten“ it is until now surely our most popular album, as back then the label made a lot of promotion...still there are things I dont like, for example the sound is too flat and lifeless....nevertheless, it´s a good but not great album in my opinion....and as you mentioned him, Hailz here to my friend G.G. of Bylec Tum Zine!!!  

4. Just a simple question, is the songs on the promo cd´s you get out between albums songs that reappear later on proper releases? Like the Promo CD 2007 & At my Funeral (Promo CD 08).  

- Well the Promo 2007 was just a rehearsal recording, not sure we will release the songs again...the „at my funeral“ songs were intended for Split 7“EPs, but they did not happen, so we decided to put them on CD-R, but maybe they will be used again for a Split 12“ or something like that, at the moment there is no further plan, but who knows...

5. Is the Necro Sessions the second rehearsal outing or a live album or the third promo CD for the "Necro" album? 

- The „Necro Sessions“ was just to give people a sign of life that we still exist...the songs have been recorded during a rehearsal, and appeared later in different versions on the „Necro“ album...of course you can also see it as a Promo for the „Necro“ album....

6. .Please tell me about the "curse" that lay upon the "Dimensionen unendlicher Finsternis" album? 

- Well as above stated, we recorded it already beginning of 2008, but then the label fucked up, and we couldnt release it...and they didnt give us the allowance of doing a release, as they wanted the money for the studio back, even if it was their fault, not ours, we fulfilled the contract, they didnt!!! 

We changed the title and a member who was in the band from 2010 – 2012 did a new layout, but when the album finally came out 2014 on Black Saw Records, he was pissed off we used his artwork, as we parted maybe not in best ways...so I needed to print again alternative Covers for it...I was surprised myself when I saw Black Saw Recs finally did this CD, as I didn´t hear from them for 2 years or something...
on the other hand it´s an old album, released 6 years after it has been reorded, so I don´t care that much about it anymore...but a remastered version will be printed on double tape edition together with a remastered version of „Necro“, on Death to Peace Prods....thx to Baron Steve Warweolf for his support! 
Furthermore I can say it´s maybe the fastest album of Pestnebel, as Malthökk of Ewiges Reich plays drums on that recording, we also did most of our live gigs with him!     

7.When & where was your last live ritual held and how did that go? And i guess new ones will be planned for the time of the coming "Nachtwelten"?

- The last gig we played was November 2011 in Speyer at the Unholy Congragation festival, but the gig itself was horrible...at the moment we havent planned for any live appearances, as half of the band is living in Bavaria and the other in Northrhine Westphalia, more then 500 km of distance...but if we get a good offer, we might say yes, as we all are experianced musicians, and could rehearse some days before the gig happens...the new line-up is the best we ever had, featuring Skjeld (ex-Nyktalgia) on Bass/vocals, Seuchenfürst on Leadguitar, Odium MDB Aeternum on Drums and Pestmeister Tairach on Guitar/Leadvocals.

8.Your new logo looks great, who did that one? Any t-shirts on the horizon? 

- It was made by a friend of someone i used to know, he did a great job for sure! New shirts might come when the new album is out, at the moment I´m out of money, so I cant print shirts myself, but the label that releases the new album surely will also make some shirts! 
At the moment I have no merch available anymore, completely sold out!!!

9.The song that you posted "Mein ist der Untergang" thats from "Nachtwelten" was great but as i am not an expert in the German language can you please tell some about its theme? 

- It means „Mine is the ruin“ roughly translated, and it deals with the emptiness, when all is lost, and the soul is swallowed by a giant black void...the version is the 2nd mix, so not the final one that will be on the album then!

10. How does the rest of the year look like? 

Well first of all we are now looking for a suitable label to release „Nachtwelten“ with good conditions and hopefully good promo work, as I think this album really deserves it! „Necro“ for example was a great album, but with no promo at all, so it didnt get spread that much....hope this time we will be more lucky! 
We also recorded 5 old songs which we might use for a Split LP, but those ones still need to be finished, just drums and rythm guitar have been recorded! Maybe beginning of 2015 the album will be out and we might play some gigs then!       

11.Well thats was all from me this time, Thanks for your answers. 

Here's for another 12 years of Pestnebel!   

- I hope so!!! Thanks for your interest and support! 

Finsternis wird herrschen!!! 

-Random Update-

Here whats lays in the nearest pipeline to be posted!
(not in any specific order)
---Online Interviews:

* Pure
* Monstraat
* Extirpation
* Maggots
* Bestial Evil
* Hexecutor

...And of course there will be a lot of album reviews!!!

---Exclusive interviews to the printed third RAW WAR issue:

* Satanic Warmaster 
* Drowning the Light 
* Diocletian 
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* The True Incest
* Sardonic Withcery
* Obscure Burial
* Blaspherian
* Goat Semen
* Tetragrammacide
* Nigrummagia


tisdag 12 augusti 2014

Monstraat - Selftitled

This bastard came like a nice surprise to me!

 Out from my withering home country Sweden this new unpleasant constellation MONSTRAAT emerges in  armored full swing!!

Imagine if you mix 40% of 80´s ugly Heavy/trash/BM (Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer) metal song structures & 40 % coating from the 90´s Nordic second wave black metal (early Darkthrone, early Burzum etc) and finally top it of  with 20 % of Motörheads grinding amphetamine punk drive then you got something like Monstraat!

Sure it sounds a bit schitzo and it is somewhat also but in a good way, from one song to another the gang flies from either the headbanging dirty devil metal to the suppressing cold winds from the north... so once you have been engulfed by one tracks atmosphere you will as soon as it ends be dragged out of it and get raped! hehe...well maybe not so brutal but you get the picture.

The production is in a mid-level rawness that works great on all tracks even regarding their internal differences and gets the whole package get a coherent frame. Another thing that is a constant is the vocals that is good in a raspy ghasting way and sometimes even touches the complaining witch-style Varg (from Burzum) have.

So yes this is an album that will both freeze your blood as well as get it pumping again! Rocking both internally as externally but with a icy satanic atmosphere all through the 10 songs!
All songs is good i think even if some is very traditional (in all the above mentioned ways) it never gets boring or to much "worshiping", i can also get a feeling this band could be a great live band.

My pic of songs would be track 1, 3, 6 but the true highlight on this album is track 9 "A Poison Divine"!! Such a great song this is!
This one happens to be in one of the more 90´s BM styles but it has nothing to do with that rather then this song is superbly structured and has many subtle touches and melodic melancholic riff changes that it will make it grow from each listen, extra plus for the eerie bridge towards the end.


Released on Fallen Temple