måndag 18 februari 2013

Vorum - Poisoned Void

And finally i got my "death grip" on this smoking new album from the finnish Vorum!

I have been raving abit over this release for some time now and i had some fairly high expectations on it.... gladly i can say it did not disappoint A BIT!!

 This  dirty & bloody cemetary twilight ground cracks open and these gnarly horde comes up to violate your neighborhood until it is splattered to oblivion!!!

You will hear the sounds from early 90´s DEATH(!!) metal with a big slob from the Swedish scene (Entombed) and USA (Autopsy! Who could have guessed?) and some from their own cold forests like Convulse.... so yeah you will feel familiar when you listen to Vorums first full album but they somehow manage to induce a whole lot of own (un)fresh black-magic into it!

From the start the songs smash away with some chaotic death metal and they scream off some serious evil content/contempt! The production is well balanced so its easy to enjoy the quality from the whole bands input without being overproduced etc.

All the tracks have dynamic compositions with emphasis on gritty speed but now & then twists into some sludgy intersections which is nice & heightens the excitement.

Favorite songs is 1, 4, 5 & 7.

Great album from start to fin(n)ish!
Super artwork & logo !!! 

Track List:

1.     Impetuous Fires         
2.     Death's Stains          
3.     Rabid Blood          
4.     Thriving Darkness          
5.     Evil Seed          
6.     In Obscurity Revealed          
7.     Dance of Heresy         
8.     Poisoned Void          

Ps. I liked this much more then Degials album which was good also but not really like this...

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