lördag 16 mars 2013

Ravencult - Morbid Blood

I think of thunder, i think of thunder and smothering of feeble angels....

Ravencults Morbid Blood album is one of the best releases in 2011 and it should not be missed! (their split with Omega from last year is also something to hunt down.)

From the get-go this fast blast fest of filthy damnations wont let go, the opener "Sacrilege of Death" is a powerhouse with almost a Motörheadish backbone that rock the bones out of the coffins!
Every song inherits some kind of blasting drums structures that could have drowned the rest of the music but it manages just right to be a bulldozer and at the same time let the other parts do their job.

The riffings is of strong nature and the guitar sound cuts nicely through the wall of sound! Not in a cold blackmetal way but rather in an violent and blood pumping way.... well that goes to the whole album that its not of a depressing nature, this is more like a satanic warzone!! The climax!

The production is damn meaty and dirty but well balanced without being too polished.

The singing is fitting with its midrange snarling and hatefull ghastings, you feel the devotion straight away from Linos no questions asked.

I really like the artwork here, every page in the booklet is great to.
And their now logo is even better then the first one they used, this is like a good twist of Ondskapts logo. Super shit!

I  smell the dust & vast fires, i feel the coming of a raging death.

Favorite tracks is: 1, 6, 7, 10


1.     Sacrilege of Death    
2.     Possessed on Burial Ground    
3.     Hail Revenge    
4.     Morbid Blood    
5.     Winds of Damnation    
6.     With Hunger in Eyes    
7.     Snakes Crawls    
8.     Black Rites of Execration    
9.     Sworn to the Unspoken Oath    
10.     The Gates of Bloodshed

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