söndag 23 juni 2013

Svarthaueg - Drakonsk Magi

With no hesitation they run right over you like an infernal bonecrushing serpent!

The shattering ritual of Drakonsk Magi starts!

As i have heard some of of their Ep "Ritual" i knew i would like this but they did really excel over my expectations!
Everything from the evil smashing drums to the sharp and strong riffings to the possessed vocals is of high quality, the overall productions is meaty organic and gives you all the bloody details you want.
All nine ritualistic songs clocks in aprox 34 minutes and that length feels just right for this kind of  chaotic damnation!

 I get a feeling of this record that soon time is up and the ancient dragon will be set free!

One of the best aspects except from the great atmosphere & intensity is that every song has a strong internal vibe to them, well structured and engaging melodies is in every tracks veins so in other words there is no boring fillers here.

If i had to only pick three songs they would be the first attack "Astral path to the realms of death" and the second stab "balam" and the final climax "Ritual VII".... but then again the third song "Black goddess" is such a good poison and the forth & fifth songs is to dark to forget...damn i cant pick three! I pick the whole damn album! Thats the only way to get the best Svarthaueg experience anyway.

As of now this for me is a runner for one of 2013 top albums so by all Drakonsk means get this turbulent beast now and listen to it!


01.Astral path to the realms of death
03.Black goddess
04.Enter chaos
06.Under the sign of the beast
07.A hymn to the ancient spirits
08.Serpents tongue
09.Ritual VII

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