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Monstraat Interview!

So how are you (not) enjoying the Swedish summer? Any band activities? 

J.M: It's been nothing but torture, especially the long heat wave that occurred some weeks ago during the high summer months. Nothing puts me in a more murderous mood than having to endure 30-degree celsius temperatures. There's no escape whatsoever, you just have to submit to the suffering. Fortunately, the famed Swedish cold is now slowly returning, and with it we rise again. 
We haven't had any band activities since the release of the full-length last autumn, but now the wheels are spinning again. 

2.As from what i understand Monstraat got birthed some time under the apocalyptic post-stress year 2000? How "alive" was it the first few years and why did it take around 9 years for the first demo "Beyond Angel Eyes"? (nice title!) 

J.M: The Metal Archives is not always a reliable source. J.L. recorded several tapes during the solo period (2000-2011 - the band was named Monstraat in 2000, but was formed a few years before that) but these were very limited and never made it onto the internet. 

3.The time was far shorter until the second demo burst "Demo 2012". How was the time for you under this demo creation? was this material in some part transferred unto the first full length? 

J.M: In a way, the 2012 demo probably represents Monstraat more than the album. It was recorded in our rehearsal room with M.N. (our bassist, formerly drummer) as producer, under the normal circumstances that surrounded Monstraat at the time - chaos, mishaps, faulty equipment, intoxication, madness, frantic shouting and general disorder. 
All three tracks on the demo appear on the album, although with new titles - Prayer I is "Bone-Bleaching Sun", Prayer II is "Through Raging Spheres", and Prayer III is "A Poison Divine". 

4.Your debut self titled full album was released last year through the Fallen Temple label, How was the recording process/studio time etc? For the people who have not heard it yet how would you describe its entity? 

J.M: It all went very smoothly. We recorded the entire album in a weekend, even though we didn't spend that many hours per day in the studio. 
We despise the mere thought of spending six fucking months in the studio, like many bands do - adding effects, copy-pasting tracks, pulling knobs and levers, paying meticulous attention to every second of every song. It kills the music and turns it into a soulless, pre-packaged product. 
We recorded the songs the way they sound when we play them, for real, on real instruments - all we added was a bit of echo/reverb. 

For those who haven't heard the album: we play raw, primitive black metal, influenced primarily by the Devil and secondarily by extreme metal music from 1984-1994. 

5.One of the best songs on your album is "A Poison Divine" i think, what can you disclose about its lyrical content etc? 

J.M: I'll let J.L:s lyrics speak for themselves: Charming, deceiving without remorse. 
Corrupting from the roots and rising. 
Pulsating within the veins of the world is a poison divine. 
A blessing turning into blackest sin. 
From beginning to end a curse grand and pure. 

Fader! Skaparen av liv. Se till mig! 
Min skugga skall täcka dina barns ögon. 
Likt en slöja inför deras sista färd. 
(For non-Swedish readers, here is a translation of the last paragraph: 
Father! Creator of life! Look upon me! 
My shadow shall cover the eyes of thy children. Like a veil, to prepare them for their last journey.) 

 6.I saw a photo from one of your concerts where a police man stands on the stage and talking or something...what heck was that about?

 J.M: The club where we played had absolutely no license to serve alcohol or anything - I doubt they were even licensed to host gigs, it was a very shady although very nice place. The pigs had gathered in huge numbers, almost every officer in the Köping jurisdiction stormed the place. 
A very wise use of taxpayer money - have 40 police officers storm a metal gig with an audience of 100-150 people who are all just drunk/stoned out of their mind and watching the music. The only disturbance I saw during the evening was an emerging fight between two drunkards, which J.L solved simply by pushing them apart, in order to stop them from wrecking the place and attracting police attention before the first band even got on stage.

7.How does Monstraats band life look like and what kind satanic direction do you have? 

 J.M: Primitive, straightforward Devil worship. We don't feel the need to convey our message with ancient Cuneiform scripture fragments painted on our foreheads, incense, sigils and song titles like "The Sacrilegious Serene Ascent of Nxulmepheth-Fzulth". 
We feel Him in our flesh, in our sweat, in our blood, in our pain, in our adrenaline, and madness. Further words on this are irrelevant. Words only soil the holiness of this subject. 

8.Is there any other bands worth noticing from your home town Köping? 

 J.M: The only bands worth noticing are Necroplasma and Återfall. 

9.So now soon the summer is over and the darkness begins to crawl back, does Monstraat have any sweet plans for the rest of this year? 

J.M: We now reveal this for the first time - in October, we will once again enter HogFarm studios with N. Hovberg to record some new material. More information will follow as this creation unveils itself... 

10. Thank you for taking time off for this interview. 
Best of luck with all! 

J.M: True beginning, final end.

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